He finally said it – a SDLP/SF alliance…

27 11 2009

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John ‘Bonkers’ Coulter is at it again.

His columns approximate an assault on the senses. Weapon of choice this time? The Tribune.

In the murky world of Irish political mergers and deals done behind closed doors, perhaps an amalgamation of Sinn Fein and the SDLP should not be entirely ruled out. This would see a return to the sort of situation in the 1960s, when one grouping spoke for the vast majority of republicans. This was the late and not unlamented Irish Nationalist Party.

Those who snort with derision at the suggestion of such a merger might pause and cast their minds back to 1981. Then, with the republican hunger strikes at their height, who would have taken the possibility of Sinn Fein participating in a partitionist parliament at Stormont seriously? Would have thought that Ian Paisley would one day be Northern Ireland First Minister – and in partnership with republicans? In the traditionally volatile arena of Irish politics, change is always in the wind.

What a prediction! How does this compare to ol’ Bonkers’ last SDLP-related prediction?

Only 12 days ago, Bonkers told the Irish Daily Star:

What the North doesn’t need is a dark green, republican SDLP. That will never make a credible alternative to the current DUP/Shinner balls-up rule at Stormont.

Seriously. What is the point of a Coulter cloumn? What exactly are we reading?

For more information on ol’ Bonkers’ predictions, see here




2 responses

12 12 2009

leave tonto alone!

reported to be hovering around stormont last week.

13 12 2009

More likely to see some cooperation between the SDLP and CU’s in the middle ground. May 2011 could be very interesting!

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