We’re not blow-ins: local Tories

13 01 2010

My post here has generated a response from local Tories candidates.

Okay. One possible reading of my previous post might be that the local Tory party has put more parachutes into the sky than 2 Para at Arnhem. This is of course a slight exaggeration, and I am more than happy for Tories to come back.

While I stick to my broad point (that UUP are producing v strong people in their nominations), both Deirdre Nelson and Peter McCann deserve a right to reply! Once again, thank you both for getting in touch…

From Deirdre Nelson


I don’t do this very often at all but there is one point I fgeel I should make in regards to your post. I am no blow-in to East Belfast. I was born, raised and educated there. Indeed, I only moved to Ballymena in the past few years, so if I’m a blow-in anywhere, it’s here not east Belfast.

Just a clarification you understand, not a criticism.

From Peter McCann

Bob, I must make another correction.

I am not blow-in. I went to school in South Belfast for 14 years. I worked for eight years in South Belfast. I bought my first home off Sunnyside Street and lived in Stranmillis before moving to England to work on The Cook Report (combating crime), Watchdog (championing consumers) and Top Gear (well, what can I say!).

I fully support the link-up between the Conservatives and UUP as it heralds the end of tribal and sectarian politics. It is the only way to mend a broken society and a crippled economy.

Regards, Peter McCann




9 responses

13 01 2010
Out Damn Spot

The Conservatives and Unionists are feeling their way towards cooperation, coalition, or possibly even merger.

No one knows how it will end up and a lot will depend on how well the parties can work together during a general elections and how successful they are.

A better overview is that the two parties are bring forward a raft of new faces into politics and that is all to the good for Unionism.

13 01 2010
Shuffling Geisha

That’s you told, bad Bob!

13 01 2010
Unrepentent Unionist


What can both these candidates offer Unionism!?

What can they offer their prospective constituencies?

I think their responses are beating about the bush a little (!?) and that your post hit a raw nerve!

A question for them. What do they think of the structures that for many years brought stability and unity within Unionism? I speak of the Orange Order, for which without, we would perhaps have never seen the foundation of Northern Ireland?

How does Dierdre reflect on her DUP background and candidacy in North Antrim in 2007? What can she bring to East Belfast that the sitting MP Peter Robinson hasn’t?

As for Peter McCann, does he intend to reach out to all Unionists? How does he feel he will go down in Sandy Row etc, the Protestant heartlands? (Harsh yes, but a fair question surely!?)

14 01 2010
Disinterested observer

I like to think of Deirdre as reciporcation.
After all Ian and Ian jnr have long lived in East Belfast and represented Nth Antrim – indeed Ian Jnr has NEVER lived in Nth Antrim (unless you count THAT holiday home)

14 01 2010

unrepentant unionist,
The Orange Order claims to be a religious order and in terms of its abiltiy to work as a community glue, especially in rural areas I have no objections to it. Indeed, I have many family members and friends in the order and they see it primarily as a religious and community/family-based organisation. They do not use it as a political tool. There are members of the Order who do allow it to influence their poltiical views and that is their right and perogative, but I have never noted that the Orange Order speaks with one political voice at all times. There has also been dissension with Orangesim, most notably that whichled to the formation of the Independent Orange order in the early 20th century. I also believe that the Order would not necessarily agree that it has at all times brought stability to NI.
In response to your belief that I don’t bring anything that Peter Robinson doesn’t I would argue that I bring a necessary generational change for one thing. I believe that the best place for Northern Ireland is firmly within the UK, as a full and integral part of that union with a voice in all the areas that affect us as part of the national picture. Unlike Peter, I will not be a multiple-jobber. I have already stated my intention to step down from Council if selected and elected as it is impossible to carry out both jobs effecively, more so as I wish to have a family life. Also, has Peter Robinson spoken out on the need to consider bringing back the 22month health check as developmental issues are being missed in children until their pre-school check by which time health concerns are more serious and difficult to rectify. in other words prevention rather than cure. When did Peter last speak out for hte need for affordable social housing in East Belfast? or anti-social behaviour? or how to remedy such problems? Or the closure of local libraries- community hubs in their own right? Peter Robinson, in common with too many of our politicians, wishes to reduce politics to a sectarian headcount to enable certain groups to hold power ad infintum.
On the other hand,I want to see the social and economic issues which affect us all given priority. I don’t want to see Labour (which the DUP has propped up in the past) continue to bankrupt the UK and I want to persuade people living here that all our interests are best served by staying within the union and by the pro-union community, regardless of faith colour or creed becoming a strong, united, vibrant, positive force for the common good.
Nuff said, political broadcast over.

14 01 2010
Fact is

It has to be noted while the word Tory, is based on the Irish word Toraidhe, which means a robber. That is the only connection that the Tories have to Ireland, the whole party is a blow in , never mind the candidates.

I got to say that, that Bill White fellow was most enjoyable.lol

14 01 2010
Out Damn Spot

Maybe more a blow back than a blow in!

European names but but East Belfast MP’s
1885 Edward de Cobain Conservative
1892 Gustav Wilhelm Wolff Conservative

South Belfast.
1885 William Johnston Conservative

14 01 2010

East Antrim
1885 James McCalmont Conservative

14 01 2010
elvis parker

I think Red Fred should be ‘Frederick de Cobain’

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