Votail early, votail often!

14 01 2010

Just came across the below.

It’s a message (dated Saturday) from the DUP’s director of communications, John Robinson, to members of the ‘Diane Dodds for MEP’ facebook group and it relates to an online poll in the News Letter.  The poll asked whether Peter Robinson should resign.


‘wants this poll to be favourable so they [political opponents] see that rank an file people support peter’.

Check it out!

Gosh darn it, this is tricky isn’t it?

This poll is designed to measure public opinion. Does it have any chance of achieving that?

Are the DUP manipulating public opinion? Or is this fair game? Iris has pulled the wool over public’s eyes, are the DUP now trying to pull the wool over the eyes of News Letter readers? Aren’t the DUP just kidding themselves – they’re not really interested in listening to the public? Is this more evidence of detachment and arrogance? Or maybe this is all part of great crisis management?

PS. As has been demonstrated in the above, online polls are open to being tinkered with / voted on loads of times by groups or individuals. Tsk. Outrageous.

So why not tell us your view in the ‘Bobballs! Dear John’ poll below. As John rightly says, ‘you know what to do’!

PPS. In terms of crisis management, I think the impact of this News Letter poll on broader public opinion is pretty negligible. My thoughts (genuinely) go out to John Robinson – you have got a horrible job to do right now. Best wishes. My advice – for what it’s worth – is ditch this peripheral stuff, lift your head up and maximise time on the bigger things. Eyes on the prize buddy!

PPPS. Am trying to find out what the result of the poll was?
PPPPS. I hear that at last sight around 3/4 of people participating in the poll wanted to see Robinson stay on. Amazing! Power to the people!!




9 responses

14 01 2010
football fan

Sounds not too different from what UKIP are doing in stifling debate on their members-only forum over Nikki Sinclaire’s expulsion. It should be a good laugh at least to see them try to launch themselves as a credible force in Belfast next month.

14 01 2010

And of course Clive McFarland also sent out a similar message about the BelTel one. You have to pity the duppers that they’re feeling the heat so much they try to fix meaningless online polls.

15 01 2010

did he really? you wouldn;t happen to have that message in your inbox would you? would be nice to get the pair – er, just for the sake of completeness…!

14 01 2010
Andy W

apparently, this is how the ‘public confidence’ for P&J is going to be demonstrated- an online NewsLetter poll.

14 01 2010

I hear the NL poll was around the high 70s in percentage support for Robbo however the BT one was more even

15 01 2010

Amazed this was put on a public site such as facebook. Of course online polls in papers etc can be ‘influenced’ but if everyone knows you are doing just that it sort of defeats the purpose. This is just stupid. No wonder the DUP is failing/flailing on the media and communications front.

16 01 2010
Ginger Whinger

God, is this really the best the Dup Dundela Boys can do??

Who is this John Robinson anyway? Apparently he is related to the milky bar kid that we can all remember from Queens about 10 years ago.

Poor Dup will never learn whilst they let these children dictate the direction of their party.

Cons+ Unionists to take 8 seats. You heard it here!

21 05 2010


16 01 2010

“Apparently he is related to the milky bar kid that we can all remember from Queens about 10 years ago”

Yes but apparently john only graduated 2/3 years ago, can only be 22/23 …. still Im sure Timmy is there to share his “expertise”

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