Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

19 01 2010

Could UCUNF please, please, please, select the joint candidate for South Belfast?

Tory candidate Peter McCann has put together a facebook group called ‘Peter McCann for Parliament’. He must have just created it, at time of posting there were 8 members signed up. But that will change – Peter looks pretty well organised and he’s getting his name out there.

McCann has put up a superbly well detailed excursus on all his qualities as a candidate – chief among which is his growing impatience. Half-way down:

In October 2009 Peter is chosen by South Belfast Conservative Association as their nominee for the next Westminster election.

January 2010, Peter is still waiting for the UUP to agree the joint candidate for South Belfast. Time ticks on and the election draws closer.

[Translation: FFS Reg sort it out!]

Poor McCann, he’s like a restless 10-year-old heading to Disney Land. Sorry Peter – we’re not there yet. But you’re right to ask.




6 responses

19 01 2010

The comments about being approached by Paterson and the Tories funding the UUP Westminster campaign are revealing.

He who pays the piper etc……

Bad luck Paula.

19 01 2010

Bad luck Peter! The comments are gonna kill his chances of being selected!

What an idiot.

19 01 2010
Unrepentent Unionist

Peter McCanns attitude demonstrates his commitment to the UUP/Tory Pact – Fuck it! The Tories are the one’s paying, so I know my rights!

19 01 2010
Unrepentent Unionist

“A Tory funded campaign in the European Election returns Jim Nicholson in second place in the count. Nicholson takes the Conservative Whip in the European Parliament. The DUP are well beaten into third place.

The Conservative and Unionist Pact continues for the Westminster Election, again it is funded by the Tory Party.”

What is he saying here?

19 01 2010

What an idiot, pity really his running would have helped a unionist win in south Belfast – no unionists would have voted for him and thus even tho the DUP will prob run dimwit Spratt, the UUP votes transferring to him would have probably taken him over the line.

19 01 2010
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