Jim Dougal’s son a rap artist?

21 01 2010

Jesus Christ… check out Jim Dougal’s son! For the progeny of former BBC journalist and ex-head of the European Commission in the UK is the artist known as ‘Deablo’.

James Dougal Jnr is doing pretty good. Just came across this web page – albeit the press release is a bit gushing.

But wade through the guff, Deablo’s stock is rising. The gushing release states that his single ‘Everybody’ has made the Music Week Dance Club charts at No. 11. Its commercial release comes on 15th February.

Go to his site, the music is pretty good. Okay, I’m in a father of three in my 30s – so that’s clearly the kind of endorsement that kills his credibility. But this is my blog so…

He also did an interesting interview with BBC NI in November. Take it away Deablo:

I was battling at a club on the Falls Road at 3am in Conway Mill, where they used to put on a hip-hop night. That was weird – you’d be battling and then some drunk guy would come up, pick up the microphone and start doing a Sinn Feinn political speech. I’d be tearing him to shreds, saying you’re nuts, what the hell are you doing here, go home.

Just so. The kid will go far.

PS. He comes from a documentary background. I worked with him briefly a few years ago – a good guy. Best of luck etc…




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