BBC NI world exclusive… airstrike at Dublin City Airport!!

23 01 2010

Talkback on Wednesday broke news of a major catastrophe which has since been completely overlooked by the local meeja. Shame on you local meeja!

As Aileen Moyna from BBC NI Traffic & Travel bravely scooped just 4 mins 40secs into the show:

‘Some Ryanair and Aer Lingus flights in the Republic have been cancelled from 1 o’clock today because of an airstrike.’

Because of a f*****g airstrike??! Run away! DO NOT go to the site formerly known as Dublin Airport, it’s a gawddamn carpark right now!

So congrats Aileen – that’s another world exclusive for BBC NI Traffic & Travel! Fearless reporting! Haven’t seen much additional news on that airstrike, but I’m happy to bring any updates on this unfolding tragedy as soon as I can.

PS. Oh, and in other news, there was an airline strike which caused some travel chaos and stuff.




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