DUP suspends Westminster selections?

30 01 2010

I am hearing on good authority that the DUP has suspended all Westminster selections until further notice. This is as a result of ‘pact’ talks.

Consider the implications of what’s going on here. Reg has produced a statement supporting the Tories. The DUP are apparently acting in support of unity negotiations by suspending selections.

Are the DUP preparing to accept a joint selection process? Or will they simply withdraw in a few key constituencies?

For my money though, the Tory pact must be considered finished. The credibility of the pact cannot survive unity talks with the DUP.

And if the DUP are indeed suspending selections, then there are hard questions for Party Leaders. Not all the statements being issued by the Parties right now can be correct. What is going on?




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30 01 2010
elvis parker

Could it be that the DUP desperate to de-rail the Conservatives and Unionists is playing games?

30 01 2010
elvis parker

If the Conservatives and Unionists pact is dead so is the UUP – it will spilt down the middle over getting into bed wiith the DUP. Even if it didnt and managed to get some MPs elected the party would have snubbed the probable next PM!

2 02 2010

hi elvis – it does seem that the intellectual core of the UUP is deeply schizophrenic. The case to talk to each has some merit, but talking to both like this is, well, bizarre.

If this is about taking soundings etc, there are back channels for this stuff – why did the UUP agree to send the party leader to schomberg house to sit down with Robinson? Why not have Kennedy bump into Dodds in the Stormont (or anywhere else lacking the theatrical backdrop of OO HQ!)?

This story is not contained within ni – its a national story (courtesy of Politicsl Shows / Newsnight / fleet street). Cameron is taking flak which really could have been avoided. If you are the UUP, how do you go about cleaning up the mess you just caused? I wouldn;t know where to start.

And, yes, the DUP are great at exploiting opportunities. Its definitely posslbe that they’re playing games – equally there may be genuine moves afoot to implement a unity strategy… interested to see how this develops!

30 01 2010
UCUNF can expect more pounding in the media after Orange talks « Tory Story NI

[…] The question now is whether these press releases from represent an an attempt to repair a hole in a sinking ship.  Before Crick’s update was posted, Jeffrey Peel and most of the commenters who contributed to his blog yesterday were of the view that the pact could not survive.  Meanwhile, on the Ulster Unionist side, Chekov published a scathing criticism of the conduct of the UUP leadership while Boballs insists that the UUP must clear up the mess.   In his last post, he has expressed his belief the pact can not survive. […]

31 01 2010
John K Lund

Is this the defining moment. Is this the death throes of the Orange Order? This is an antediluvian group of regretfully ultra extreme so called protestant bigots. They seem to bar and despise anyone who is not accepting of their blinkered views which are exceedingly narrow and also totally divisive views. They are attempting with their macabre behaviour, whilst totally gyrating in all political directions to totally disenfranchise a far larger part of the Northern Irish population from the complete gambit of faiths or no faiths,colour,ethnic background ,race, nationality,gender etc.etc. who are mostly Unionist in the true secular and pan UK sense and would support a new approach to NI politics lead by David Cameron and the Conservative Party. I think that poor Reg Empey appears to have lost control of his party to these fork tongued Orange Men who put their membership of this secret sect above their loyalty to the greater UUP. The prominent ones of these men, I think can be counted on the fingers of two hands, and I feel that the time has come for the Leader of the UUP to go to the Conservatives and Unionists Joint Committee and inform them of the totally truthful and completely accurate position of his parties future relationships with all other political parties and secret and closed orders. Party discipline of elected members and maverick officers should be used against all detractors of this executive ratified policy. The membership also need to be informed what is happening in this distasteful demonstration of totally destructive behavior.
The modern Northern Ireland has had enough of these activities be they. Republican or Orange Bullies. Today’s politics is quite competent of operating without these fractious and hypocritical non entities holding up progress for the greater good of all.

31 01 2010
Unrepentent Unionist


You can’t be serious are you!?

I look forward to the day you put yourself before the electorate with all those horrible and nasty untruths you have to say about the OO!

If the UUP adopted your policy towards the UUP there would be no UUP the day after the election!

Plus what has the OO got to do with any of this!? They facilitated talks!

31 01 2010
Unrepentent Unionist

Furthermore what makes the OO any different to any other NGO?

The Simon Community … out to help those who won’t help themselves!?

The NI Hospice – who really cares about those sick kids!

Friends of the Earth – a minority dictating how we should dispose of our waste!

That is the line you tread when saying what you just said about the OO!

31 01 2010
John K Lund

The OO only has 32000 brethren they represent less than 2% of the population and have a very shabby history to non fellow travellers. In GB terms are there any other closed secret brotherhoods who are still trying to interfere in secular politics. Frustrated Democrat do NGO’s like the ones you have mentioned try to interfere in politics; they may well lobby democrat parliamentary entities to make new or to change existing policies.Furthermore all three of the organisations you mentioned do not take over our streets, detain and use physical violence on the populace whilst they are going about their lawful business to the extent of depriving them of their livelihood, cause major disruptions with their marches and demonstrations, trying to intimidate anyone who disagrees with their anti-social activities.This order was formed by certain factions of the upper middle classes to acquire the working populace and their families proper access to the normal socio/economic policies which were developing throughout Great Britain. These people in my opinion are a dragnet on our social integration and economic development and the sooner the Labour Party organises here the better.
Finally some of us have been promoting this cause for over 25 years and it would appear that we are now closer to bringing the normalisation of politics to Northern Ireland than ever before in its lifetime. No little wonder The OO is panicking and it is also a fact that the Apprentice Boys are not seen as trouble makers and rabble rousers and do not try to dictate the policies and furthermore exert control membership of political parties;except in the undemocratic wielding of power by the trades unions who bankroll the Labour Party.

31 01 2010
John K Lund

comment deleted by moderator

2 02 2010

sorry john – the comment above was a completely off topic and rather unfairly targeting one individual in particular. This isn’t the right place to hammer out personal issues. (Why not just call him up and meet up to discuss your concerns?)

31 01 2010
DUP suspends Westminster selections? « Open Unionism

[…] leave a comment » [Originally posted on Bobballs…] […]

1 02 2010
Have the Conservatives made any political concessions to the DUP? « Tory Story NI

[…] and South Tyrone.  This presumption has been further fuelled by the news that the DUP have suspended selection procedure for its parliamentary candidates.  It is possible (but unlikely) that the DUP have decided to […]

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