Time for a rumour: DUP says no deal!

1 02 2010

The justice deal was due to be announced @ 3pm but was then put back to 5pm at the earliest. And now I hear a meeting of senior DUP figures in Stormont has rejected the deal.

The Adams interview this morning which referred to the deal being a ‘staging’ post (to a united Ireland??) has caused problems.

An informed observer also tells me that at one stage the DUP were considering taking a secret ballot on the deal… and if Robbo lost that ballot then he would step down! I don’t know if such a ballot has taken place. But if the rumour of rejection is correct, then I suspect it might mean curtains for Robbo irrespective.




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1 02 2010

This looks like another leaving present for Cameron from Brown. They must have known about Robinson’s wife for yonks. They’ve chosen now to release the information. Same goes for Tiger and for Terry. There is maximum use of publicising affairs going on so that somebody can slide something past our noses unnoticed.

Expect more sex revelations and an imminent collapse of democratic government.

1 02 2010
Old Holborn

Gordon was there

Expect civil war by the weekend

2 02 2010

I want an election. Let’s see these morons suffer for the bullshit they’ve put everyone through.

2 02 2010
Carson's Cat

And in other news, the UUP’s Director of Comms has f*cked off to somewhere else less lunatic instead.

Mind you – the DUP’s man in that post sends an email on Facebook and it merits a Bobballs special. Alex Kane wanders into the sunset and the most you can find to write about is Donaldson making an appearance in the Assembly chamber.

You gonna stick in your CV or do you hate Duppers more than shinners too?

2 02 2010

ah carson’s cat – too fast with the criticism…

the post on donaldson must go up in answer to yesterday’s post and draw that to a close.

And I do try to do something a bit different. The John Robinson story was an interesting one (on use of social media) which hadn’t been done anywhere else. A perfectly reasonable one to do.

Everyone’s covering off the Alex Kane story – and I don;t want to repeat here what is happening elsewhere. But lo and behold, something interesting emerges on facebook! So i will be putting something up on Alex Kane.

In any respect, the DUP talks story is the big one today, so i’d prefer to let that sit at the top of the blog for the moment.

re. your last line – c’mon Carson’s Cat, wise up…

2 02 2010
Shuffling Geisha

To be honest I don’t really get why alex kane leaving is a big story … he isn’t elected, had very little influence, didn’t seem to be much when in his post and hasn’t said much about why he has gone. Snoresville, the Trimble e-mail angle of it is the most interesting if bizarre

2 02 2010
David Ford

*moderated!* Naughty naughty David Ford

2 02 2010
David Ford

He did! You can’t moderate that!

3 02 2010
There’s Wally… get him! « Bobballs!

[…] is in complete conflict with everything the media (and even your super-soaraway bobballs) is hearing. Putting a spin on something is one thing, but hasn’t Donaldson gone far beyond […]

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