Gaffe alert: SDLP councillor would pee on Union flag!

4 02 2010

SDLP councillor Danny O’Connor. Well, he’s a bit of a card. And he’s committed a little bit of a gaffe this morning. 

A guy on Facebook has posted up a photo of his comedy toilet seat with Union Jack motif.  

The offensive toilet seat

Meh. Fair enough. But SDLP councillor, and former Mayor of  Larne, Danny O’Connor thinks this must be confronted. He replies: 

I wouldn’t lift the lid to p 

Whay hey! SDLP councillor (and possible Westminster candidate for East Antrim again maybe?) would pish on the Union flag. Gags like that always go down well with the ol’ community relations Danny.
He went on to insist that his gaffe was in fact a deftly crafted political statement:
It is not about insulting the flag per se,it is about the Little Englander mentaliy that would go so far as to have it on their toilet.
So this isn’t a comedy toilet seat. Not for Danny. This toilet seat represents everything that’s wrong in Northern Ireland. When the suggestion was made that he was being just a tiny bit racist, Danny added:
Yes,I dont believe it is racist,it is it is about a mindset,it is the same mindset that paints kerbstones red white and blue,and it is that mindset I am against,not the flag,as I stated earlier,and it is not meant to cause offence to you or anybody else,to have the flag on a toilet seat is not something I would expect from anyone other than a football hooligan.

Hear, hear Danny!

So when Danny said he would pee on the Union flag he was IN FACT challenging mindsets and exposing the very worst aspects of NI society. Good on yer Dan!

If I’m following the logic correctly, to recap:

  • Saying you’d pish on a national flag in a public forum = not offensive.
  • Installing comedy toilet seat in privacy of own home = very offensive.

Mmmm… not sure about that.

All right, all right. Let’s keep it in context. Banter is fine, but for a public rep to suggest he’d happily pish on the Union flag is a little impolitic / dumb / insensitive.

While I’ve never actually met Danny, I became friends with him on facebook chiefly because I’d heard of his great reputation for hard work and in building partnerships in his area. In general, known by all to be a decent spud. Those qualities remain, but why make dumb comments like this? Silly rabbit.




7 responses

4 02 2010
Unrependent Unionist

Absolutely disgraceful!

A man can’t paint the kerbs or show his loyalty to his country nevermind put a Union Flag seat on his private toilet?!

Get a life Danny Boy!

4 02 2010

It is a little sad but not offensive … unless that is you have to share a house with it

4 02 2010
Unrependent Unionist


You are obv not very loyal!?

What Unionist wouldn’t want one of these in their house!

Hell kit the whole house out!

There is nothing wrong with displaying loyalty to Queen and Country!

4 02 2010
Jemimah Rakmananov VI

If his 4am ramblings on Slugger are anything to go by then Danny has always seemed a sandwich or two short of a picnic. d’ya get me?

4 02 2010
Keith Ruffles

“it is the same mindset that paints kerbstones red white and blue”

So is O’Connor equally disgusted by, er, Nationalist expressions of loyalty to the Irish Republic within Northern Ireland?

5 02 2010

Is there something in the air that is making the whole of the political class (hate that term) currently seem to be unable to say something and then not say it and explain not saying it in such as way as to only confuse everyone who hears what is said and understands what was said to the point as to wonder whether they heard what was said at all.

5 02 2010
Pigeon Toes

Actually it is probably direspectful to any nation’s flag to have it on a toilet seat…

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