Gerry Moriarty’s Big Links!

9 02 2010

Here’s a round up of some of the blogs which Gerry Moriarty won’t be reading this week:

  • Alan in Belfast demands transparency dammit! This outraged ratepayer won’t take ‘In committee’ for an answer…
  • You’d have thought that finding ways to supply Burkean interpretations on modern political history would, strangely, get boring. Nope. Burke’s Corner, strangely, does it again! This post is exactly why I nominated this dork as ‘best specialist blog’ for the Irish Blog Awards. I mean, what a total (albeit clever) dork!
  • Devenport thinks he knows what the ‘clever device’ is (no, it’s not Burke’s Corner). He should have mentioned it to Nolan who spend his entire show this morning begging someone in NI to tell him what it was. Well, that’s an hour and a half I’ll never get back.
  • For Mr Stuart Bailie I confess man-crush. And posts like this are why…
  • And finally, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this year’s Pressies. Someone in work was promoting a brand of cheese. They came up with the press release header: ‘Things can only get cheddar!‘ One for ‘best headline category‘? No Kelly, that get’s filed in the ‘most regrettable public utterance’ category. Oh yes.



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