Is this the ‘Nesbitt for Wesminster’ facebook group?

9 02 2010

A few days ago, Delphic Bobballs (Balls passim!) produced a traditional and mysterious prophecy ancient oracle-stylee. My barely decipherable augury stated:

Quite right UUP re. speedy selections. About time. Actually, I’ve noticed that Mike Nesbitt has been receiving a few new pals on facebook – who happen to be Ulster Unionists!! I wonder do they have a reason to be liking him more than usual?

Perplexing and far-sighted stuff eh! Well so it is proving, because Mike Nesbitt is really going into overdrive looking for facebook friends. Now I know January is a depressing month (it depressed me, I turned 36) but can this explain the insatiable demand for new mates?

Mike has invited me and lots more people I know to be his bezzie mate. He’s clearly making his way through individual networks… in order to create the ‘Nesbitt for Westminster’ facebook group??

I will goddamn eat my crystal ball if I’m not on the money this time. (I’m feeling better about this than my controversial and costly prediction for the Scotland-France game. Sorry kids! Erm… home-schooling means we love you the most!)




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