Mount Sinai Gazette: Bearded Deity grants audience to Bearded Deity!

25 02 2010

APNI press conference in Stormont this morning

Does David ‘Year of Our’ Ford suffer from a God complex?

Well, given the tone of APNI press output it does at least make you wonder if Seraphim isn’t their chief press officer. Take this date for your diary:

David Ford press conference on Justice Minister position tomorrow

Alliance Leader David Ford is holding a press conference in the Great Hall of Parliament Buildings, Stormont, tomorrow (Thursday 25 February) at 11am on the Justice Minister position. Alliance Party Council met tonight in Antrim to discuss whether the party will nominate for Justice Minister and a decision was taken. The decision will be announced at David Ford’s press conference tomorrow.


The gravitas, the suspense, the sense of Fate, the destiny-laden pomposity of it all. Only a press release headed ‘Ford makes world history…’ can now follow. And so it comes to pass.

In truth APNI’s problem is that, had it been David Ford venturing up Mount Sinai, he would almost certainly have returned with the 10 Guidelines. Nothing is ever set in stone these days now is it?




2 responses

25 02 2010

He called a similar press conference in Antrim to reveal an alliance minded independent councillor had joined Alliance, in the end this one was just to say he wanted to be justice minister – STOP THE PRESSES!

26 02 2010

The pompous turd

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