2 03 2010

Oh Christ. Things just got weird.

Check out this press release from the NI Assembly.

So this government that’s filled full of 55+ blokes who got trained in a form of politics that hasn’t changed much since the 1970s is attracting a huge level of interest from young people… throughout Northern Ireland… from anywhere that’s not urbanised.

Heck, that’s probably what happened!

Take it away Willie:

It demonstrates the enthusiasm of young people to engage in the democratic process and to help shape the future of Northern Ireland politics. The Panel of 30 young people will work with us over the next 12 months to ensure the Youth Assembly gives young people a strong voice on issues that concern them.

All right. All right. I get it.

The kids are just loving the power-sharing arrangement that doesn’t work that well. The kids are just dying to be a part of a bureaucracy that is largely administered by males zero-ing in on retirement. MLAs who haven’t listened to governments, Prime Ministers, academics, each other or the electorate are now really going to listen as 30 kids drop tha science wit’ defiance. Please.

Where are the users to validate all this?? Get Wimps involved, or the ECNI Youth Panel, or NICCY. Someone?? But issuing a statement by Willie Hay?

Meh. It’s in the same category as this classic.

So is this Youth Panel an effective beauty treatment? Is it a practical anti-ageing solution? Will it fill over the cracks up there on the hill? Will this give the Assembly a fresh, youthful veneer??

Jeez. That anyone thought it would. Still at least he didn’t go into full rapper mode to sell it. He left that for Lady Gildernew.

How Gilders allowed herself to get photographed beside a pimped up newsagent and two six-year-olds in baseball caps (bo!) is beyond me. Nothing says ‘rap’ like a leaning on a mahogany table.




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