Sammy gets his collar felt!

2 03 2010

(From yesterday’s News Letter.)

Well, this is a snap Wilson will come to regret…

With a general election just around the corner, a pic like this suddenly becomes paydirt. I bet the TUV will find  a spot for this in their campaign material somewhere – perhaps accompanied with some caption about the DUP’s criminal stupidity (boom boom!) over Policing and Justice.

I’d nearly prefer to sit on my favourite mahogany table and do karaoke with a pimped out newsagent than agree to something like this. Well, nearly. But not quite.




4 responses

2 03 2010

arrested for claiming £127, 660 in salaries alone from the public purse, whilst presiding over cuts to public services as Minister for Finance? Admittedly thats not even slightly funny, but accurate none the less.

2 03 2010

Bingo Andy!! An exemplary demonstration as to why pics like this at election time are a total no no.

2 03 2010
Carson's Cat

Oddly for just about anyone else I’d agree – but Sammy Wilson is probably the only politician in Northern Ireland with the force of personality to carry it off.

Arguably its definitely not the most embarassing picture of Sammy’s career and he’s done ok since…..

2 03 2010

True, were all copies of the Sunday World 1995/96 destroyed by fire in that out of court settlement?
Pity t’interweb hadn’t made it to Norn Iron back then. Now that really would have made an amuzing caption competition

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