P&J – it’s a messy business…

8 03 2010

What a mess.

The P&J vote will come tomorrow and the UUP will not accept the deal. Reg kept a ‘no change at the minute’ line open to allow for discussion but consider what has happened since then.

In truth, this was a difficult deal for the UUP to endorse. How could they not have reservations about it when they did not negotiate any of it?

But set that discomfort to one side, how much more difficult has the carnival of nincompoops made it for the UUP?

Align the appalling scenario facing the UUP with the hysterical stupidity of those who would demand their trust. Is it so unbelievable that the UUP said no? How do you just ‘wing it’ under these circumstances? How do you abdicate the views of your party and supporters to the ambition of an ludicrous apparatchik like Shaun Woodward?

It seems everyone is lining up to blame the UUP for it all going wrong. No. If we’re all honest, the dissolution toward chaos began long before this.

The incompetence and self-interest that normally resides beneath has instead bubbled up to the surface. And the UUP has said they aren’t persuaded by cock up or by connivance among the big players. Fair enough. I don’t blame them one little bit.




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9 03 2010

These choreographed ‘deals’ are at the end of their useful life, and since February have very clearly become counter-productive.

If the UUP are taking the course of action for good reasons (and that needs to be articulated by them) the fine, but that is not clear and their position has shifted around and the final reasoning is not obvious.

Like the DUP ‘community confidence’ there is a sense that they are clear about their discomfort on a number of fronts, no least ‘executive dysfunction’ but how they might propose to move from these and make some positive gains towards better government is definitely not obvious.

Both DUP and UUP playing to short-term necessities rather than to what happens once this temporary hiatus subsides and the Westminster election has passed.

13 03 2010
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