Gerry Moriarty’s Big Links

14 03 2010

Here’s the latest links to all the blogs which Gerry Moriarty won’t be reading this weekend!

At 1690anall’Thon is still pumping out high-quality pish (its self-proclaimed objective as opposed to criticism from me). This time the blog has spotted a couple ‘o wee things you cudnae make up. Indeed, scunnered isnae tho’ wurd. The blog had also been running one of the important political polls I’ve yet to encounter. Check it out (but how anyone could think Sammy Wilson is anything but a Hairy Horse’s Arse is beyond me)!

A Pint of Unionist Lite highlights another of those topsy-turvey CiF articles. Great stuff. Not since The Riddler’s last encounter with Batman has the public been subjected to such a glut of crazy conundrums and unnecessary question marks. I quote: ‘Is the party (the UUP) in the grip of liberal extremists, forced out of opportunistic necessity to fall in with a Tory party still too rightwing for many of them?’ Riddle me this Chris, how the hell did you persuade an editor to print that?

William Crawley offers some useful advice at Will & Testament. The perfect sermon is eight minutes long apparently. I’ll bear this in mind the next time No1 son plays typewriters on my laptop. That sermon ran to a very Presbyterian 25 minutes. I’ll try the unreformed approach to see if he gets it any better.

And finally, Daphne Trimble’s Blog has been very quiet over the past few weeks. She stopped speaking the moment she got selected as candidate in Lagan Valley. Gobsmacked mebbe? In fact, the last thing posted up on that blog came from someone called ‘Sport’. Go for it Sport!

I agree with the UUP link-up with the Conservatives. But I don’t think the people are ready for another Trimble on the ballot paper. We will not easily forget what your husband did: Armed terrorists in NI Government; Disbandment of the RUC; release of terrorist prisoners while the RoI kept in the killers of Garda McCabe; formal rights of everyone in NI be part of the ‘Irish Nation’. David Trimble let us down on so many occasions. The people are still angry with the Trimble brand name.

Oh. Erm. Okay.

And make sure you check out Gerry’s latest column here.




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