Margaret Ritchie and Joe McIntrye

14 03 2010

Loving ‘Corrie’ at the moment. But poor Joe McIntrye. No, not for his inadvertent suicide. Hell no. Joe was married to Gail ‘Gerbil Head’ Platt for a month. Jeez. Poor bloke.

But Joe’s inadvertent suicide has got the cops thinking there’s been a murder and now the detectives are constantly on the street looking for answers. In this case, justice – like the humble corn snake – can be satisfied by a Gerbil. Best of luck Gail!

Corrie, like all good soaps, imitates life. Joe’s death was heartrending – but now consider the strange and untimely disappearance of Margaret Ritchie.

Tragic. Last seen casting off for a new life as SDLP Leader, sadly she has been missing for some time. In truth, it is rather difficult to find any information about Margaret on things like the SDLP website. There are a couple of pics (including this one where her prize-winning carp has been hilariously airbrushed from the foreground) and a video on the homepage. But it’s not easy from the website to identify how Ritchie has breathed new life into the Party. Check out the top of the news and media section – the SDLP looked like this before February 5 too.

Should Durkan be urged to step back and allow his successor to come forward a bit more?

Conall McDevitt has been putting in the energy which you might expect from a new leader. Why no strong impact from Ritchie? Why is there more leadership coming from a newbie MLA than from Ritchie?

Whatever trouble you’ve got yourself into Margaret, just come home. Think of what happened to poor Joe McIntyre. It’s just not worth it.

Elsewhere, we know the SDLP believe in a shared future but I wonder if Conall McDevitt and Alasdair McDonnell will share a press release at any point in the future.

On Thursday, Alasdair McDonnell welcomed the Holyland CCTV scheme and only moments later Conall McDevitt, erm, welcomed the Holyland CCTV scheme! Would it not be logical for South Belfast MLAs to issue a joint a press statement? Is there any special reason why they went their own way? Just wondering.




2 responses

14 03 2010

Given the absolute bollocks McDevitt was spouting about the IFA and the anthem the other day, he needs to take a step back sooner rather than later.

15 03 2010
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