Racism on the BBC?

18 03 2010

I know broadcasters are desperate to engage more fully with audiences and be seen to embrace new technologies etc. But looking for the genuine, authentic voice of your listener still does require some filtering from the broadcaster. You can’t read everything out – don’t be a vehicle for the genuine, authentic voice of your racist listener.

Check this out from today’s GMU. Forward to about 2hrs 6 mins 50 secs… and listen in for the comment on Irish culture.

Should that have been read out? I accept the Sean Brady story will attract robust comment, but was it justifiable to read that comment out?

I think not – but I’d be interested in more views…




2 responses

22 03 2010
Alan in Belfast

No comments = no one felt too offended? You should complain if you were offended and I’m confident they’ll look into it and respond.

22 03 2010

Yip, so it would seem Alan! But I did feel that the text in question went a bit far… so maybe i’ll drop the Beeb a line. Clearly the anecdotal evidence from the flood of comments here (or lack of) is that GMU tends to do an unimpeachably decent job re. audience feedback.

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