New ‘Chatty Man’ on the block…

20 03 2010

I love chat shows. Just love them. Take that Ryan Tubridy. Y’know, he had that David Hasselhoff and Marian Keyes on his show recently. He’s a genius. Or take that Jonathan Ross. He had Brian Cox and Emma Thompson on his show. And he had Goldfrapp on ‘an all.

You just don’t know what either of these talents are going to do next. They’re so unpredictable and funny too. There’s no one on the island to rival them at what they do.

But wait… hang on!! There is someone on the island who can rival them at what they do!

A press release is circulating announcing arrival of new chatty man ‘rivalling’ Tubridy, Wossy and Parky. Well, great. But who can this comic genius be?

Step forward… … convicted Old Bailey bomber and West Belfast street drawler Gerry ‘Eeeeehhhhh, the reality is…’ Kelly!

In what is being billed as ‘a fantastic night’s entertainment’, the SF MLA will front his very own version of ‘The Gerry Kelly Show’ (Can’t UTV sue him for that? Ed.).

Well, who’s he got? With that press release build up, his guests must be huge.

Yip, he’s got… … George Galloway and Frances Black! (So not David Hasselhoff and Emma Thompson then? Ed.)

And the music will be provided by… … the Acoustic Monkeys! (And not Goldfrapp? Ed.)

Kelly is quoted saying: “Whether they (the guests) try to turn the tables to launch a question or two back at me, well that remains to be seen.”

Stop it Ger, the anticipation is unbearable.

To see the North Belfast Parky a-drawlin’ and a-crawlin’ around Georgeous George make your way to St Kevin’s Hall for 7pm on Sunday.




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