UCUNF candidates selection

20 03 2010

The UUP have confirmed nine candidates and they’re meeting this morning to confirm the final nine.

Some people I’ve been speaking to say that the Tories could possibly make up only two of the last nine names. The Tories have found it difficult finding people, and moreso holding on to them. Consequently the vast majority of the candidates will be UUP people.

Is this such a bad thing? Does it say anything negative about the alliance?

The UUP have produced some good strong candidates (eg. Ringland & Nesbitt) who seem to embody the move to normal politics, but weighing down your ticket with unknown (deadweight) local Tories is hardly ideal validation of the strength of your new proposition. I don’t think anything is lost if only a few local Tories make it to the hustings.

Candidate selection hasn’t been well-handled to date. Can UCUNF now slap rosetttes on their people and get them out knocking doors with the minimum of fuss?




6 responses

20 03 2010

Perhaps not. A rumour or two that there will be fewer than 9. 7/8 depending who you believe.

20 03 2010

Yes, indeed Chekov. And so it has proved! Everything but South Antrim is now known.

Think Robin Swann took a hit for the team in North Antrim. He would have been a good candidate.

20 03 2010
David Ford

I bet that Chekov doesn’t think that Robin was the better candidate. But you’re right bobballs, he was.

23 03 2010

Ta David. Yes, Robin has had to defer to Bob Coulter for some time (despite the latter’s advanced years). This was his big chance – says alot about him that he took the decision without complaint.

23 03 2010

Robin is a decent fella but the honest truth is that he stood for council and the assembly elections and got well beaten.

28 03 2010
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