Assembly questions!

22 03 2010


Parking around the Upper Car Park of Stormont is getting to be a bit of a problem nowadays.

Both Michelle O’Neill and Alastair Ross have penned tetchy questions asking what plans might be afoot to alleviate the overcrowding up there.

Replying on behalf of the Assembly Commission, Alliance MLA Sean Neeson said that the Commission has asked the Director General to write to the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Finance and Personnel, seeking a strategic approach to tackling this.

Great news, but no need Sean!  For your Alliance Party colleague Anna Lo has developed a wide-ranging strategy as far back as September 2007 which could deal with this chaos.

Take it away Anna:

“Having less Assembly Members would ensure better value for money governance. The current number of MLAs is unnecessarily high and I am sure many local people will question why we need 108 of them, when less would serve the same purpose.

“Around 80 MLAs would be better, as somewhere the geographical size and population of Northern Ireland doesn’t need a legislature as large as the one we currently have.”

Mmmm. Provocative. Anna has just relieved the Upper Car Park of about 28 Jaguars. Neat job.

But wait! Anna continued…

“Also having 11 departments at Stormont is an ineffective use of public money. These departments were created artificially and this format should be streamlined to ensure better value for money and more joined-up government.

“Eleven departments are far too many for Northern Ireland. Its time to stop wasting cash on bureaucracy and focus on delivering better services for local people.”

Just so Anna. And I have no doubt you would oppose any man who dared to expand the size of costly bureaucracy on the hill.

So, what will be the result of APNI’s campaign to cut the number of costly government departments? Why, more costly government departments of course!

Yip David Ford will soon oversee a 12th department at Stormont. But with all that congestion in the Upper Car Park I do wonder whether there’s enough room up there to swing a cat, never mind David Ford’s brand spanking new Ministerial limousine.

Down with that sort of thing, eh Anna?




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