Sylvia rumour pans out…

25 03 2010

The rumour panned out. Sylvia has just announced that she will stand as an independent.

She says:

The distance, however, between me and my Party has become so great over recent months that I have decided to resign from the Ulster Unionist Party with effect from midnight last night (Wednesday). 

One loose end is now tied up. In truth, most people I spoke to about Sylvia had had enough of her months ago. Her passing will not be met with profound sadness in the UUP, in my humble opinion.

And the DUP are likely not to run in North Down. Sylvia-Hermon-Democratic-Unionists-New-Force (SHDUNF) it is then.

With no DUP guy to support, and an ex-Alliance / untested UCUNF guy vying alongside an arguably erratic  Hermon who made a virtue out of disloyalty – it’s hardly the stuff to energise a Unionist electorate. Expect low turnouts and a damp-squib victory for whoever is least disliked. Apathy might be the big story there.




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26 03 2010
North Down Unionist

DUP are sell outs in North Down

They should not let this woman have a free run!

She doesn’t represent the loyal people of North Down

She hates the Orange, calls on flags to be removed and attends little of parliament

I am a working class man she represents the few and the rich

Who am I to vote for the TUV?


31 03 2010

you seem not to want to vote for the TUV. as slug suggests that might just leave UCUNF. What do you think of parsley?

In truth, i can’t understand why the DUP aren;t running. Robinson linked it to the unity issue. But that’s totally implausibe. How can the net result of the DUP’s unionist unity campaign be the withdrawal from a seat which has no danger of going nationalist? The whole point of the unity campaign is to see disputed seats go Unionist.

Who are the DUP uniting with in ND? And who are they uniting against? Most seem to think that the DUP have withdrawn to give Sylvia the best chance of beating UCUNF. In your view NDU, the DUP are in effect endorsing someone who hates the orange, is for the rich and not the few, and who attends little parliament.

it’ll be a funny old election in ND.

26 03 2010

North Down Unionist

Vote for Change!

28 03 2010

I may be a bit out of tune with the mood here, but Sylvia Hermon always struck me as an essentially very decent person – and that’s not a description I would dole out first thing to every politician I’ve met. So the prospect of such a person remaining in politics is something I find encouraging.

31 03 2010


alot of people would agree with your assessment of sylvia hermon. she is undoubtedly a very decent human being and is considered the frontrunner – so i think the outcome on May 7 might please you!

31 03 2010

Very few updates on this blog lately 😦

31 03 2010

hi slug – aye, sorry. totally maxed out with work etc. will get a chance to post up again tomorrow or friday.

(Am soooo looking forward to a couple of days off at Easter… completely wrecked.)

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