Some inconsistency here maybe…?

7 04 2010

She is committed to carrying out her party’s agenda. She knows what the [education] sector has had to endure and she knows the effect that cutbacks have had on the quality of learning children are receiving. To announce that further cuts are possible is nothing short of a scandal.

The latest statement from the DUP attacking Caitriona Ruane??


Why it’s Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty attacking RoI Education Minister Mary Coughlan of course. Go on son, get in there!

From the press release:

Doherty said such cuts would further erode the quality of learning that our children receive and would be detrimental to a sector which has already been the target of vicious and unfair budget cuts.

Very commendable. As Sinn Fein clearly opposes cuts in education, can we now expect an immediate reversal of Caitriona’s plans to cut funding to preparatory departments? Or an immediate disavowel of Caitriona’s plans to cut jobs and classroom budgets in Northern Ireland?

As an all-island politician, I wonder what Pearse’s position is on plans to implement cuts in the north?




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