DUP thoroughly spanked over billboard poster…

14 04 2010

Remember going swimming when you were young and occasionally seeing some joker wind up a wet towel and just whip-crack it across a kid’s unsuspecting butt cheeks. Good times.

Hold that image, because those jokers in the UUP have just towel-whipped the DUP’s posterior in a way that they haven’t done for quite some time. Ouch. It smarts.

According to @duponline the below is ‘One of a series of DUP billboards which will be appearing around the Province‘.

Check her out. And remember… she’s voting DUP!!

But wait a second… she just had second thoughts!! She has been won over by the irresistible force for change that is UCUNF. She is infact voting Conservative and Unionist!! And boy does she look happy about it too – she’s got both her little thumbs waving about in the air.

The election’s so darn close that even billboard posters are changing their minds and switching sides within hours of going up. And heck – this nice young lady changed her mind so fast that she’s still wearing the same outfit she wore in the DUP billboard!

That’s the power of change, right UCUNF?

So how did this happen?

Well, it happened because the DUP didn’t learn a lesson from history. When the UUP produced its istock pic for the now infamous ‘Decent People’ billboard, they were pilloried because everyone pictured (best version I could find is this one) was North American… and could not possibly vote Ulster Unionist.

On the other hand, the UUP has learned from history. When the DUP produced an unmistakable istock pic, the UUP knew where to go looking for the original and that this was an opportunity to be exploited. And lo and behold, that nice young lady has reappeared in a UUP billboard.

Some nimble-mindedness, a terrifically fast turnaround and humourous tagline makes this a real coup for UCUNF and perfects a humiliating episode for the DUP.

Wendy was saying on Talkback a couple of days ago that the election was idling by, that it needed a spark. I think this is a spark that livens things up a bit. How on earth do the DUP respond to it?

First heavy blow is landed by the UCUNF. Who’d have thought it?




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14 04 2010

In this election UCUNF can outspend the DUP substantially in advertising (thanks to the £250K from the Tories) but getting a the smaller DUP billboard campaign much more exposure that it otherwise would have is a success?

14 04 2010

C’mon fair deal 🙂 – you don’t really think the majority of people now talking about this poster are chatting seriously about the DUP message?

You don;t really think this DUP poster will have a greater impact as a result of having the piss ripped out of it?

You’re not really congratulating yourselves for having this kind of extra exposure?

14 04 2010

it is funny though.

14 04 2010
SLDP and UCU Election Broadcasts - rather poor efforts?

[…] in his British Lions shirt. i'm sure garza has seen this nice poster fight picked up on Slugger.. DUP thoroughly spanked over billboard poster… Bobballs! Good […]

14 04 2010

Photo used is this one:


However Istock’s T&Cs state

Prohibited uses for both Standard and Extended license… “Use that depicts personal endorsement by model”

So both are kinda breaking the T&Cs.

14 04 2010
14 04 2010

Ouch, Harry. Poster #FAIL!

University take up has increased massively under the Labour administration. There are huge numbers of young / first-time voters out there right now who have benefitted from a university education. What are the DUP saying about this important demographic? That they’re spoiled toffs? That they didn;t get to uni on merit?

If i was in the DUP press office I’d be asking ‘votedup’ to take that poster down lest if irritates more people than it persuades. Don’t understand the class war angle either – doesn’t the pursuit of money lie at the heart of the DUP’s recent problems?

And what does it mean to say that you’re rich enough to go to school? Erm… everyone goes to school.

It’s a miss IMHO. What do you think Harry?

14 04 2010
Shuffling Geisha

What a flighty female!!

14 04 2010
Unionist Unity Papers Over Cracks - Page 5

[…] voters she had change of heart and will vote UCU. cannot find link but it is on BBC Ceefax DUP thoroughly spanked over billboard poster… Bobballs! __________________ Economic Left/Right: -2.58 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: […]

14 04 2010
DUP say that time is running out for South Belfast deal

[…] Originally Posted by Keith-M DUP.org.uk Peter Robinson seems to be totally behind a unity candidate and is pointing the finger and Empey and UCUNF for not signing up to a deal. However Empey is saying that as the SDLP MP actually represents the constituency in Westminster. Will the DUP withdraw or will they split the pro-union vote? They nominate Wendy the Billboard lady next: DUP thoroughly spanked over billboard poster… Bobballs! […]

15 04 2010
Billboard wars… it continues « Bobballs!

[…] we know that these models cannot vote DUP and we know that the UCUNF send up has been devastatingly successful. Surely the combination of investigation, non-voting models and […]

18 04 2010
Why you should hire a photographer for your marketing material - Callum Winton Photography

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24 04 2010
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11 05 2010
I didn’t make him for you « The gaping silence

[…] which I think has appeared on the BBC News precisely twice – the manifesto launch and the DUP poster debacle. I’m not sure anyone in the British media noticed what’s just happened to the Ulster […]

18 05 2010

Great, many thanks !

24 05 2010
Need to cut something? Get rid of that damn crane… « Bobballs!

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