Billboard wars… it continues

15 04 2010

What is a definition for stupidity?

Mmmm… maybe doing something wrong once but then repeating the action in the same way but expecting a different result?

The DUP got it wrong on Wednesday – so why do they think doing the same thing will have a different result on Friday?

The istockphoto company are already investigating the DUP for breaching the terms and conditions of usage on their pics. So why commit exactly the same offence again when the option is there to just pull the billboard?

Besides, we know that these models cannot vote DUP and we know that the UCUNF send up has been devastatingly successful. Surely the combination of investigation, non-voting models and satirical send-up makes this billboard design redundant.

It must be dropped. To blunder on regardless – to keep digging the hole – suggests a paucity of ideas.

Meh, I just don’t think they’re listening to me… wait a sec! We know the DUP thinks models are powerful communications tools, so let’s spell it out for them:

Learn from your mistakes...

have a good think...

try something different...

or you will start to look stupid...

then voters will tell you to get lost...

that's right, they'll tell you to just bugger orff over there...

so redesign your posters immediately...

just an idea.

Leave it with you!




19 responses

16 04 2010

Bobballs – you are a satirical genius. Seriously excellent quality.

18 04 2010

ta ivor!

16 04 2010
John hussey

Hardly “devistatingly successful” concidering the poor quality of the spoof, it can’t be described as a “send up” if it isn’t funny

16 04 2010

“if it isn’t funny”

Humour is subjective, “gentle warnings” re conditions of use are not.

I wouldn’t want to upset an American company (wih presumably a fine array of accompagnying American Corporate Lawyers) twice on the legal use of images. It’ll cost Robbo more than a fiver to sort this out I suspect.

16 04 2010

Moving forward to the car park of Northern Ireland where you may change your executive space, but never leave. That’s progress? That’s moving forward?

16 04 2010
Shuffling Geisha

LOL love the picture diagrams of what to do next!

Any word of getting the SF and DUP PEBs up? Saw DUP effort last night and it was a bit like when Wayne says to Noah Vanderhoff in Wayne’s World in response to his rap in the ad – asphinctersayswhat!

It’s always good to break out of the mould but perhaps they did a little too much and focusing the entire PEB on the leadership when that is the weak point at the min, also a bold choice.

16 04 2010

Oh please. Just because you were involved in the monstrous cock up that was “decent people….” please do not try to insult intelligence by implying this is anything like that.

Devastatingly successful? DUP poster that would have been seen by the folks driving past it only, picked up and put on the evening news for loads more people to see. You fart around with the image all you like Geoff, its the message that mattered.

18 04 2010

Anon, there are strong similarities and i’m far from the only one making them. Eg. check out O’Neill’s link below.

People are talking about this poster in the same way they did Decent People. And guess what line the UUP used when the DUP attacked ‘Decent People’? That’s right – like you do – the UUP thanked their opponents for drawing people’s attention to the poster and its message.

Really, Anon. The DUP are losing their touch by continuing with this billboard theme and insisting that they’re pleased with all the extra coverage they’re getting. That’s just bonkers.

I’m being light-hearted in my post, but the point is the serious – the istock posters must be trashed. If the DUP’s manifesto has istock pics on it (like the UUP ’05 manifesto) then it must be redesigned.

Attacking me does not undo the stupidity of this poster. I see the TUV have now also sent up the DUP poster as well. Both the DUP’s main opponents have gained more from this poster than the DUP have. Persisting with it does not enhance the DUP’s position, in my humble opinion.

16 04 2010

If i were the tories i would be more concerned about their own posters!

16 04 2010

This morning from the Newsletter:

17 04 2010
Shuffling Geisha

I hear the TUV have also mocked up a poster, with one of their own female members on it which says: “We’ve got real voters to appear on our election posters. I’m voting TUV.”

Good move from TUV, in all fairness considering they have no one elected, they punch well above their weight. Good press team

18 04 2010

Ha! i just read an interview with the Larne beauty (26) who appeared in the poster. The TUV have, erm, had a bit of a makeover.

19 04 2010

You do know that billboard posters take a while to post though? That you’re taking the hand and saying they haven’t learned.
The fact is that this poster may have been approved BEFORE the one with the girl earlier in the week. When they are actually put up on the boards depend on where the billboard is and the billposter.
It seems small-minded to have a go over it when you don’t have the basics right.

As for advice? Whatever any candidate puts on a poster can have the hand taken out of it. It makes us titter and gives people a bit of a laugh but ultimately we should be encouraging people to vote rather than undermining the process.
Whatever your background or whatever way you want to vote, surely encouraging people to get out and vote is a better way to spend time than pointing the finger.

There will be no trashing of any candidates posters because this is a storm in an espresso cup.

20 04 2010

JokerNJ – thanks for the comment, but you don’t have the basics either. ‘The fact is that this poster may…’ – that’s not a fact then. You’re speculating.

But if you had the option of trashing an embarrassing poster, i say trash it. What’s so wrong with saying that?

Also, your advice to this blog is to abandon its critical faculties and simply spend the next 2 weeks urging everyone to vote. How readable is that? I’d prefer to find things to titter about to be honest.

To criticise is not to undermine democracy JokerNJ – i’d say it’s a pretty essential element of it. Both the DUP and the UUP get criticised and praised here. I really don’t see anything small-minded in that.

19 04 2010

“The Sunday Life yesterday revealed the pair are Kristin Mackenzie and Dan Whitmore who had never even heard of the DUP until last week when they were splashed across election posters proclaiming they were going to vote for the party.

The newspaper tracked down both part-time models to the United States and found they were unhappy that their faces had been used in the election campaign.

Kristin (27) said: “I’m not comfortable at all having my image used in association with any political organisation or belief, especially one I know nothing about.”

Dan (28) said he was angry at his face being used: “I’ve looked the DUP up on the internet since I heard about this, and even though I’d consider myself conservative and a practising Mormon, I’m not comfortable being associated with their policies.”

Read more:

19 04 2010
Carson's Cat

There is a huge difference between this poster and the now infamous “Decent People” poster – I can however of course understand your reluctance to admit that given your own personal involvement with that particular train wreck.

The “decent people” poster actually offended real live, Northern Ireland people – it told them that actually you had to be good enough to be allowed to vote for the UUP.

This poster has a pop at the Tories – who aren’t best liked anyway. Sure it might have illustrated that message with a rather attractive Mormon bird – but I’m not sure many people really care too much about that. People may be talking about it – but outside of a few UCUNF bloggers like yourself, the conversation isn’t one of horror about it. The strongest emotion I’ve encountered from any “real” person about that poster is one of mild amusement.

The message however remains strong – it might have amused Ulster folk – but it hasn’t offended them by effectively telling them they weren’t good enough to support a party.

That’s the big difference and the mere fact this is the biggest “blow” UCUNF has dealt to the DUP election campaign tells its own tail. While UUP candidates are bombing collectively around the country with dippy Daphne Trimble heading to be beaten into third (or maybe fourth) place in Lagan Valley you REALLY think this is the silver bullet to reinvigorate a UCUNF campaign which is just slowly dying on its feet??

20 04 2010

My own personal involvement in decent people? You don’t half talk some guff CC. More and more you seem to be adopting characteristics of the troll. Pity – as i think i know who you are, and expect something slightly more grown up.

That’s your personal experience on the billboard, fair enough. but i am definitely not the only person saying this is a gaffe. it’s wilful ignorance to simply set aside all recent media coverage.

i agree this isn’t a critical hit on the DUP, and no its not a silver bullet for UCUNF. but i did think this would provide a spark – and i think that was accurate. The UCUNF and TUV have both leapt on this poster, and the UCUNF pastiche inspired a rake of immitators (mostly DUP) who were all keen to send up the opposition election material. In a sense the stuff surrounding the billboard has sparked up a flat election campaign. I don;t think that can be denied.

The UCUNF campaign is not dying on its feet. I know of DUP people who are privately conceding that UCUNF will make gains. They’re not collectively bombing – if your myopia is representative of the DUP campaign in general, then i suspect you may be in for disappointment after May 6.

20 04 2010

“While UUP candidates are bombing collectively around the country with dippy Daphne Trimble heading to be beaten into third (or maybe fourth) place in Lagan Valley you REALLY think this is the silver bullet to reinvigorate a UCUNF campaign which is just slowly dying on its feet??”

I rememeber back to the Euro campaign when the DUP apparachiks took time off from smashing Sinn Fein to inform us that Nicholson would be rolling in 5th with 10-12% of the vote. You would have thought they would have learnt the lesson but no, instead of welcome signs of the old Dupe arrogance are emerging from Robbo right down to lowest poster-putter-upper.

Having said that:

“That’s the big difference and the mere fact this is the biggest “blow” UCUNF has dealt to the DUP election campaign tells its own tail.”

Element of truth there, the biggest damage the Dupes seem to be suffering is self-inflicted, prime example being Robinson looking like a paranoid idiot whilst railing against those in the media who dare to ask him searching questions.

30 12 2017

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