Green Party PEB? Top marks…

22 04 2010

Well, congratulations Green Party! You’ve produced by far the best PEB I’ve seen for quite some time.

This was an innovative use of the format, but the key lay not just in the cleverly produced visuals (based around Ian Knox cartoons). The success lay in how well the visuals operated in concert with a very well-written script.

The Greens managed to convey themselves as a three-dimensional political movement that has advanced beyond the stereotype of environmental pressure group. They confront things like the expenses question head-on (‘Green politics is clean politics’) and youth unemployment (Adam McGibbon looks like the younger voter he’s appealing to).

Yes, they do still sound a bit sub-Alliance but there is a maturity and sophistication about the Greens now.

What could they have done better? They didn’t make enough of the fact that the Green Party is part of a bigger UK-wide organisation. Introducing that kind of breadth further positions them as serious political players at Westminster – but that’s a big message and it shouldn’t have been relegated to the slightly flat finale. It ought to have been right up front and properly addressed. Also Brian Wilson’s Assembly Chamber speech didn’t need to be there (his introduction was enough) and the economy section was a bit too long, so the pace got snagged up in places.

But this is nit-picking. I know the Greens better for this PEB, and I certainly view them more positively than I have ever done before. If others think like me then that’s no bad thing with polling day just over two weeks away.




5 responses

22 04 2010

I agree that it’s very good. Something arresting and different. Well done to the Greens.

22 04 2010
Tim Lemon

An excellent PEB. I believe the outcome of this Westminster election will lead to the next Assembly election being genuinely fought on socio-economic issues and if the CUs in particular realise this they could mop up.

3 05 2010

it’s certainly a more ‘normal’ election than ever. but if it goes on economic issues, will Cameron’s Paxo interview have damaged UCUNF prospects here?

We’ll soon find out!

22 04 2010
Alan in Belfast

And Steven Agnew’s representing the Greens on this evening’s smaller party wrap up (TUV, Alliance and Greens) at half ten on UTV. The “big four” take to the floor at 9pm. Maybe he’ll have a Clegg breakthrough moment?

3 05 2010

i thought he did very well in the end. he’s had another good election – can the greens not get this guy elected somewhere, make him a permanent fixture?

keith belfast has blogged that the greens were left out of the Politics Show debate today Think Agnew might have a point.

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