NI politics as a self-parody Pt2653

28 04 2010

It's no use Perm Sec... he says he still wants to run for election!

The whole double-jobbing issue has not been resolved satisfactorily. Peter Robinson and Margaret Ritchie are still convinced that it’s possible to do more than one job (and perform something less than a full-time role in all that they do).

I wonder, how do you get them to see the error of their ways?

I guess you need an inscrutably independent type respected by all sides of the community. Tsk.

But who could perform such as role?

Step forward civil servants at the NI Assembly!!

Administrators at the NI Assembly have stumbled out of the tea-rooms only to discover that there’s an election campaign on at the moment. As a result they’ve issued guidance to all MLAs on what the implications of the elections could mean for them. (Sure it’s half over, but better late than never eh chaps?)

The below was part of that guidance:

If a Member’s employee is intending to stand at the General Election, the Member could allow the employee unpaid leave to campaign. If the employee is elected and is actively performing his/her role as an MP, this employee will be unable to fulfil his/her contract of employment with the employing Member.

So, erm, the NI Assembly believes that if you become an MP… then there’s no way you’d be able to hold down employment at the Assembly as a researcher. Why stop there? That seems like a reasonable position for all forms of employment at the Assembly, right?

Consider the present scenario – being a full-time MP is incompatible with being a full-time researcher, but being a full-time MP is perfectly compatible with being an MLA.

How can you end double jobbing by researchers but preserve it for MLAs?

Memo to the Members Bar – trebles all round lads!




6 responses

28 04 2010
Ivor Whitten

brilliant find – Bobballs does it again

3 05 2010

ta ivor!

28 04 2010
st etienne

Add to that each local party accusing the other of double jobbing without a hint of irony. Soundbites I know, but have they always lacked any meaning whatsoever?

28 04 2010
John K Lund

Vote Conservative and Unionist and this will hopefully stop all double and treble jobbing.

2 05 2010
Robert Balls

What Ivor said!!

3 05 2010

Roberts Balls, eh? i like the cut of your gib.

Can i call you Bob?

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