The ‘case for’ & ‘case against’ Unionist unity…

11 05 2010

Unionism is now in a state of flux following the general election. So what does the future hold?

The debate has kicked off at Open Unionism where bloggers are considering:

The debate has also been picked up at Mark Devenport’s Blog,  as well as A Pint of Unionist Lite and Three Thousands Versts. Check it out.




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11 05 2010

Talk of a Unionist pacts not working in FST this time! Some seem to have forgotten 1983 , when an agreement between the UUP and the DUP led to Unionists winning 15 of the then 17MPs (FST, Mid Ulster and Newry and Armagh) Seats such as the above with Nationalist majorities were won because they had just a DUP or UUP candidate. At the very least at the next Westminster Election if a single Unionist party cannot be agreed, single candidates should be in marginal winnable constituencies. But if the UUP is still wedded to the Tories, this will be a no-no. Lord Ashcrofts money comes first?
During Camerons Ulster speech last week, two lines didnt get applause- “We will continue are good relations with the government of the Republic of Ireland” “And i will not be compr imised” ie by his agreement with the UUP. In other words more of the same, dont upset the pan nationalist front including Dublin and the OBama administration.

11 05 2010

overhere – pacts and agreed candidates is not the way to build a coherent party that stands for its own ideas.

11 05 2010
Over here

Slug, whats the use of a “coherent” party, if like todays UCUNF it has no seats?
The days when Churchill addressed the faithful at Ibrox, or Macmillan told ONeill off for carrying out reforms too fast for fear of upseting the die hards will never return! Ulster Unionism cannot afford a multitude of parties. It must maximise its strength, if they cannot come together as one, they must work out something similiar to the UUUC, which existed in the 70s. Or next time , they will have no MPs in Belfast. Moderate nationalists would not even vote for Rodney Connor, who put the word representation on his literature and posters not Unionist. So they will never vote UCUNF, and the tory link also means they (UUP) lose out on any working class Unionist vote they once had!

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