Debating an all island economy

23 05 2010

Check out the debate on an all-island economy from O’Conall Street.

Conall was right to voice his frustration in the Chamber. This needed a proper debate. Of the people I speak to, all are looking at ways to get the most out of an all-island economy (which is out there whether Gregory Campbell likes it or not).

Some MLAs couldn’t agree to every word of the motion. Okay – but where was the common ground? How could we get better return out of the time everyone invested in Monday’s debate?

It’s always better to explore possibilities than to close them off. Especially in the present climate.




2 responses

24 05 2010

I understand the all islands economy, but this all-Ireland economy is a but of a distraction in that there are small cost savings here and there, but the market is really quite small. For now the economy over the border is slowly becoming a subsidiary of the ECB, which means it has a lot more shrinking to do. Meanwhile successful NI companies look to the UK or internationally for growth, if they have any sense.

25 05 2010
Over here

Were more reliant on London than ever to help pay the bills! In the “bad old days” of the 60s public expenditure per head in Ulster was lower than in Wales and Scotland. And a target of 30,000 jobs set out in the 1964 Development plan re- manufacturing jobs had reached 29,000 by 1969. Rolls Royce,Courtaulds, Fords, Hoechst, Grundig,Goodyear, Michelin etc. Michelin were offered millions to site their plant in Londonderry , but refused insisting on Ballymena. Stormont bashers never remember such incidents!

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