Here’s me, wha!?

23 05 2010

The Bobballs ‘Here’s Me Wha?’ moment of the week came courtesy of the BBC’s Hearts & Minds (check out the last 5 mins or so).

During a discussion on draft parading legislation, Sinn Fein MLA John O’Dowd accused Eamonn McCann of being a ‘rebel without a cause’.

The NI Peace Process would challenge a singularity as the most transformative power in the universe.

That’s right, a Sinn Fein rep put it to the journalist that he was a “rebel without a cause”.

Mmmm’kay. The journalist protests that the civil liberties of organised working-class Irishmen and women is being threatened by the Stormont government – and the Sinn Fein rep mocks him for being a trouble-maker.

Sure, we’re all going to change and relate to one another in different ways as time goes on… but O’Dowd calling McCann a reb for not liking legislation created within UK institutions that limits the right of citizens to protest? Doesn’t Gerry Adams cite the diminution of rights via Stormont as part of what motivated him to become involved in, erm, community activism?

Seriously, though… here’s me, wha!?

PS. This is one of those rare occasions when O’Dowd interviewed badly. Where would Sinn Fein be without their ‘rights agenda’? On this issue, Sinn Fein have become detached from the rights of ordinary citizens to gather freely in protest. SDLP – as the Party of Civil Rights – should be making things uncomfortable for them. Haven’t noticed that they’ve noticed, but I’m sure the Stoops won’t let O’Dowd off the hook.

PPS. The Amnesty NI blog has been on this issue for a while. Great post here.

PPPS. Jude Collins also thinks this was a serious flub from O’Dowd. Check out Jude’s post over here.




One response

24 05 2010
Belfast Gonzo

As I said elsewhere, SF’s O’Dowd seems to want to attend protests his party wants banned, against cuts his party will make.

The words have, cake and eat spring to mind.

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