Greatest load of aul’ Balls…

24 05 2010

The Lib-Con coalition issued their proposal to remove £6 billion worth of public spending.

Sounds alot? Here’s some perspective.

Ed Balls was Gordon Brown’s No2 in Treasury and Cabinet for the past 13 years. And he wants to be Gordon’s successor. Here’s his response:

“It is a complete fantasy to suggest that you can make cuts on this scale without putting frontline services and jobs at risk.

“Just at the point when we need to get unemployment down and secure recovery, what the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have decided to do, in a fantasy announcement in terms of detail, is actually to say to families and to businesses, ‘We are going to put the recovery at risk.’ That is a very, very dangerous moment.”


Nothing threatens frontline services as spending (borrowed) money like Croesus.  What Labour were up to was unsustainable.

Vince Cable reckons:

“I fear that a lot of bad news about the public finances has been hidden and stored up for the new government. The skeletons are starting to fall out of the cupboard.”

Balls is overplaying his hand. His comments looks cynical at worst, or plain stupid at best. It would be better for everyone if he just shut up for a bit.




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