Need to cut something? Get rid of that damn crane…

24 05 2010

The Alliance Party prides itself on calling it like they sees it. They employ that approach in everything they do – from policy analysis all the way down to how they caption their photographs on flickr.

Consider the big policy story of the day: the new UK coalition government is planning to cut £700 million from the block grants in devolved regions.

Tough call, where do you start? Perhaps Slasher Osborne should look no further than the Alliance flickr account.

That’s right – the Alliance Party have uploaded a pic of East Belfast champion Naomi Long in front of H&W… captioned with the legend: ‘get rid of crane‘.

Great idea Naomi, let’s cut that damned crane already. Any other East Belfast landmarks we need rid of?

PS. Oh, and just what are we to make of the pic entitled ‘Anna Lo inside bottom’? That’s obviously tosh. I know for a fact that she’s a very unassuming and self-effacing lady.

PPS. The ‘captions’ seem to instructions / descriptions for a leaflet design. The silver lining is that the press office could have uploaded APNI’s ‘demand’ for the demolition of iconic H&W cranes during the election.




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